Amy Glaswand website

Amy Glaswand brings to her launch collection a wide visual vocabulary that has evolved over her many experiences as a designer. Trained in the Fine Arts at both Rhode Island School of Design and the University Of Wisconsin, she began her career developing fabrics for major fashion houses, such as Ralph Lauren. That was followed by years as a costume designer in the film and television industry. Her historical research as a costumer cultivated her strong understanding of historical and multicultural design.

Amy’s love of jewelry has been lifelong. She began exploring metals through classical goldsmithing techniques and later acquired rendering and model making skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has created fine jewelry collections as well as freelance designs within the industry. Her solo collection is influenced by classical architectural and iconic imagery, as well as her painterly sense of color. Each piece is produced in New York City, in 18kt gold and set with high quality diamonds and colored gems. She strives to evoke a strong statement in each piece. Her sense of clean, modern design with a classical twist is evident throughout this collection.

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