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Over a period of five years, the Belgian jewellery brand Antonellis has managed to work its way up the ranks to become an international brand.

Each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a jewellery report issued by the Diamond High Council, an authority on diamonds. Not only are these precious gems of unequalled quality, they also have a design that can rival the biggest luxury brands in France and Italy.

Antonellis owes its success to its expertise and experience. The collection's designer Anton Schellekens has years of experience in this area. He trained as a diamond setter in Italy, then in Antwerp, where he worked for manyjewellers. He enjoys an exceptional reputation in the world of luxury jewellery-making.

Linda Vandershueren provides the commercial brains behind the collection. She has twenty years' experience in developing and selling luxury Italian jewellery.

She takes care of Antonellis' image and ensures that the jewellery can reach its target groups through the right channels. The range includes basic collections, in addition to new collections with themes marketed for different occasions.

This season, the Portofino and Amalfi range is in the spotlight.

Jewellery with a report

The diamonds used by Antonellis are exceptionally high-quality Antwerp diamonds, each accompanied by a report. They are set on the pieces of jewellery with particular care and precision. Each piece of jewellery undergoes an in-depth quality test in the brand's workshops before being sent to the Diamond HighCouncil laboratories. Each piece is analysed there again according to the quantity of gold and quality of the diamond (authenticity, colour, purity and weight). The HRD report is recognised at international level as a guarantee of exceptional quality. Antonellis is one of the few jewellery designers to have such a report.

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