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What do Gaudi, Samurai swords and the Fibonacci Sequence have in common? They are all influences that renowned Aspen jeweler Scott Keating incorporates into his highly intricate, yet deceptively simple collections of fine jewelry in 18k gold and platinum.

“I love the subtle patterns on steel and the designs hidden beneath the twined handles of Japanese swords,” says Keating, a collector of ceremonial swords.

Of Spanish architect Gaudi (1852-1926), Keating comments, “It’s the pattern on pattern of his mosaics that is so compelling.” Keating could be describing his own hand-woven mesh designs comprised of a series of interlocking spirals, which have become a signature element in his jewelry, garnering him an impressive number of awards, including Designer of the 90’s and (DeBeer’s) Diamonds of Distinction.

Nature and the lure of the outdoors, in fact, is what prompted Keating and his wife Nancy Lovendahl, a nationally known sculptor, to leave Chicago for Aspen in 1973. Nature still informs Keating’s aesthetic on every level, as illustrated by the names of his latest collections: Viewpoints, Summit, Whirlwind and Glissade.

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