Alex Sepkus

A voracious reader, Alex’s greatest inspiration comes from engrossing himself within the pages of great literary works. He gets lost in a world that brings him thousands of different ideas. “When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book. Each design is a chapter, n

Atelier Marisa

Marisa Goebel LaBelle’s passion for color and simplicity are the drive behind her clever designs. This is reflected in her new collection named “Opogee” the highest level of the orbit surrounding Saturn, “The jewel of the solar system”. Celestial in design, sophistic


Over a period of five years, the Belgian jewellery brand Antonellis has managed to work its way up the ranks to become an international brand.

Each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a jewellery report issued by the Diamond High Council, an authority on diamonds. Not only are these pr


Shreve & Co. was founded in 1852, just four years after the beginning of the California Gold Rush, and is the oldest jeweler in California. The company has been at its current location at the corner of Post and Grant since 1906.

In Shreve's illustrious history, the company cre

Christian Stockert

In 1879 Valentin Stockert founded the chain and jewellery manufacturers Stockert&Cie in Pforzheim, the successful positioning of the exquisite collections on the international market is the responsibility of Christian Stockert who - now in the fourth generation - is head of marketing and desi

Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell’s inspired collections deliver contemporary styles that clearly speak to the uniqueness and individuality of its owner. The range of looks and designs are sure to live up to Edward Mirell’s vow to “Be Noticed”.

For 30 years it has singularly focuse

Gem Platinum

Based in the heart of New York City Jeffrey Daniels brings his passions to bear. His jewelry embodies his philosophy of merging breathtaking beauty executed with finest and most exacting quality. The result is the timeless appeal of this celebrated collection.

His inspiration to create th

George Sawyer

George Sawyer studied Art History, Sculpture and Asian Art at the University of Minnesota. After completing his studies he followed another of his passions and began working for a small company that built the most famous racing cars of the era.

Using techniques learned from the metalwo

Jorg Heinz

Whenever the subject is the finest goldsmith’s artistry combined with dynamic technical innovation, the Jörg Heinz manufactory in Neulingen invariably ranks among the best addresses in Germany.

When Jörg Heinz began his career in 1968, he was the first jewellery designe

Katherine Jetter

Daughter to a Greek-Australian mother and German father, Katherine Jetter was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983. Whilst always remaining Australian at heart, she grew up overseas in England, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, and speaks several languages.

With an early focus on inner

Ward Kelvin

Founded in New York City in 2006, Ward Kelvin Fine Jewelry Inc. began simply as a personal vision to create exquisite artisan precious jewelry in the Chinoiserie tradition, featuring highly distinctive 18k gold work and fine colored gemstones.

The Ward Kelvin American Chinoise collectio

Mortiz Glik

Since his arrival in New York City in 1991, Moritz Glik has turned his prodigious talents to designing eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Previously, Glik had a very successful career in his native Brazil as one of the most sought-after shoe designers. Yet, mesmerized by the jewelry w

Scott Keating

What do Gaudi, Samurai swords and the Fibonacci Sequence have in common? They are all influences that renowned Aspen jeweler Scott Keating incorporates into his highly intricate, yet deceptively simple collections of fine jewelry in 18k gold and platinum.

“I love the subtle patter


SORELLINA Sorellina was founded by sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella in early 2011. Growing up in a small town on Long Island, NY, they were raised with a deep appreciation for the arts and have since shared a love of design.

Nicole’s love affair with jewelry began at an early ag


Tycoon has exemplified the excellence in craftsmanship throughout the years that has resulted in the internationally known TYCOON CUT diamond. The Kejejian cousins from Armenian decent came to the United States over 20 years ago with a dream and passion to carry on the family name that has mentor

Victor Mayer

Designer and manufacturer of exclusive luxury jewellery and watches. The company was founded in the “Gold City” of Pforzheim, Germany in 1890 by the master jeweller Victor Mayer and is one of the few businesses in the sector that is still owned and managed by the original family.


William Henry

William Henry is devoted to the vision of designing and creating superlative functional jewelry. Crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces that belong to a category all their own.The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals &a

Diamond by Appointment

A collection of Platinum and Diamond Engagement rings and wedding bands with an exclusive and distinctive style of glamour, sparkle, detail and fine design - with a modern edge.

Drawing from the creative drive of our talented team of designers, goldsmiths and diamond buyers, the collectiv


The minute you see a piece of Lene’s jewelry for her collection, Vibes, you are immediately transported back to the best memories of your childhood. Lene is inspired by the fairytales of H.C. Andersen. She takes us on a romp through the forest and into the woods and we see all of the enchan

Evert deGreave

The EDG Collection Design Studio is located in the heart of Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. Born in Holland Evert deGraeve was educated in Belgium and Holland. For 20 years EDG fulfilled Executive Global Design and Product Development positions at Harry Winston, Mikimoto and David Yurman.


Amy Glaswand

Amy Glaswand brings to her launch collection a wide visual vocabulary that has evolved over her many experiences as a designer. Trained in the Fine Arts at both Rhode Island School of Design and the University Of Wisconsin, she began her career developing fabrics for major fashion houses, such a